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Philadelphia Field Station

Media and Blog Posts

Philadelphia Inquirer. March 1, 2014. GreenSpace: Phila. storm-water plan seen to have wider positives.

WHYY The Pulse. September 24, 2014. Does urban greening boost public health?

Marritz, Leda. July 9, 2014. Is average lifespan a meaningful number? Posted on Deeproot blog.

Low, Sarah. July 2014. Can a Federally-led Partnership Facilitate Regional Change? Posted on Pinchot Institute for Conservation blog.

Ye, Jenny & Sherman, Matthew. June 24, 2014. If a tree died in the city, will anyone notice? Posted to WNYC News and aired on WNYC radio.

Publications & Products

Kondo, Michelle C.; Han, SeungHoon; Donovan, Geoffrey H.; MacDonald, John M.. 2017. The association between urban trees and crime: Evidence from the spread of the emerald ash borer in Cincinnati

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Heckert, Megan; Kondo, Michelle. 2017. Can "Cleaned and Greened" lots take on a role of public greenspace?

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