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Paul Strong

Paul Strong

Notes: This person is no longer an employee of the Northern Research Station.

Other Publications

Strong, Paul I.V.; Baker, Richard. 2000. An estimate of Minnesota's summer population of adult Common Loons. Pp. 5-13 in: The common loon: Population status and fall migration in Minnesota, P. H. Svingen and A. X. Hertzel (eds.). Minn. Ornithologists' Union, Minneapolis, MN.

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Strong, Paul I. V.; Bissonette, John A. 1988. Territorial activities of common loons on multiple- pair lakes. Pages 19-24 in P. I. V. Strong, ed. Papers from the 1987 conference on loon research and management. North American Loon Fund, Meredith, NH.

Strong, Paul. I. V.; Bissonette, John A. 1988. Ecological implications of living in desert riparian habitats: beaver. Contributed Paper of the Second Symposium on Resources of the Chihuahuan Desert Region: U.S. and Mex., No. 17. Chihuahuan Desert Res. Inst., Alpine, TX. 7 pp.

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