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Joshua Hanson

Notes: This person is no longer an employee of the Northern Research Station.

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Ecoregions of Pennsylvania color-coded by the levels of similarity found between overstory and understory tree species composition in the Pennsylvania Regeneration Study data of 2001-2005. Todd Ristau, USDA Forest Service

Pennsylvania Regeneration Study Assesses Overstory and Understory Tree Species Communities

Year: 2014

In 2001, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and Forest Service's Forest Inventory & Analysis (FIA) program launched the "Pennsylvania Regeneration Study" to gain a better understanding of understory conditions across Pennsylvania. The landscape-level study was incorporated into a subset of the existing FIA sample locations. At each selected plot, composition and abundance of established tree seedlings and associated non-tree vegetation were recorded. Forest Service scientists analyzed the 2001 to 2005 data to determine whether overstory and understory species composition was similar by forest type or ecoregion and to test various hypotheses about causes for dissimilarity.

Last modified: Sunday, August 14, 2022