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James Smith

Plant Physiology/Modeling
271 Mast Road
Durham, NH, 03824
Phone: 603-868-7663

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Current Research

  • I am a member of a team that has been assigned the problem of conducting research to develop inventory based estimates and projections of carbon budgets for forests of the United States. My research is focused on aspects of estimating forest carbon principally through ongoing development of the model FORCARB2, a framework for a number of submodels that simulate components of forest carbon budgets.
  • Results of this research are intended to address some of the management and policy issues of forest carbon sequestration that are of concern to government policymakers, industrial and nonindustrial landowners, and conservation groups. Additional work focuses on the development of quantitative uncertainty analyses of carbon estimates at a regional or national scale.

Research Interests

Plans for the immediate future are to expand the FORCARB-based carbon budgets to incorporate effects of disturbance or scale of estimate on carbon totals and the associated levels of uncertainty.

Featured Publications & Products

Publications & Products

Research Datasets

  • Smith, James E.; Heath, Linda S.; Patel, Amit R. 2014. Forest carbon data for the 2008 US forest national greenhouse gas inventory. Fort Collins, CO: Forest Service Research Data Archive.

National Research Highlights

Map of downed and dead woody material. Grant Domke, USDA Forest Service

Better Estimates of Carbon Inventory in Dead Wood Now Available

Year: 2013

Researchers with the Forest Inventory and Analysis (FIA) program have sampled downed and dead woody material (DWM) since 2002 so most U.S. states now have a complete cycle of DWM data. As a result, for the first time, researchers used field measurements to obtain estimates of DWM biomass and carbon stocks for the FIA program's report and for DWM carbon estimates in the National Greenhouse Gas Inventory report.

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