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Bruce Birr

Notes: This person is no longer an employee of the Northern Research Station.

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  • Padley, Eunice A.; Donner, Deahn M.; Fassnacht, Karin S.; Zalesny, Ronald S.; Birr, Bruce; Martin, Karl J. 2011. Managing carbon sequestration and storage in northern hardwood forests. In: Challenges of managing for early successional forests and associated species. SE and SW chapters of The Wisconsin Society of American Foresters & The Wisconsin Chapter of the Wildlife Society; 2011 March 1-3; Wisconsin Dells, WI: 37. Poster abstract.
  • Mattson, William J.; Yanchuk, Alvin; Kiss, Gyula; Birr, Bruce. 1999. Resistance to galling adelgids varies among families of Engelmann spruce (Picea engelmani P.). In: Lieutier, F.; Mattson, W.J.l Wagner, M.R., eds. Physiology and Genetics of Tree-Phytophage Interactions international symposium; 1997 August 31-September 5; Gujan, France. Paris, France: INRA Editions: 51-64.
  • Herms, Daniel A.; Mattson, William J.; Karowe, David N.; Coleman, Mark D.; Trier, Terry M.; Birr, Bruce A.; Isebrands, J. G. 1996. Variable performance of outbreak defoliators on aspen clones exposed to elevated CO2 and O3. In: Hom, John; Birdsey, Richard; O'Brian, Kelly, eds. Proceedings 1995 meeting of the northern global change program; Gen. Tech. Rep. NE-214. Radnor, PA: U. S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Northeastern Forest Experiment Station: 43-55.

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