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National Inventory and Monitoring Applications Center

Research Focus

State and Local Efforts

State and local entities approach FIA and NIMAC with requests for assistance designing, establishing, conducting, processing and interpreting results of inventory and monitoring studies. Frequently, these groups would like to use FIA-based methods so their results can be compatible with surrounding FIA data. More on our State and Local Efforts...

National Efforts

The National Forest System (NFS) has forest plans and other monitoring requirements that all Forests must follow. NIMAC offers expertise on how to build a monitoring program that addresses the Forests’ goals, is scientifically defensible, and is compatible with monitoring work being done by FIA. Other national-scale entities (e.g., the National Park Service and The Nature Conservancy) have interest in establishing or adapting existing monitoring networks so they are more compatible with FIA. More on our National Efforts...

International Efforts

FIA is one of the world leaders in forest inventory, and the institutional knowledge it has acquired over its years of existence can be very valuable to countries seeking to establish their own national forest inventories. NIMAC is a vehicle for transmitting FIA’s knowledge to these countries, learning from their experiences, and contributing to the Forest Service’s global stewardship efforts. More on our International Efforts...

Tool Development

One component of addressing clients’ needs is developing tools (both conceptual and software tools) that will help guide the planning, design, implementation, and analysis phases of monitoring studies. NIMAC works to develop tools that can be easily adapted to address specific client needs in these areas. More on our Tools Development...

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