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Northern Institute of Applied Climate Science

Forest Management for an Uncertain Climate Future: Tools and Training

Land managers need specific information, strategies, and tools to address the unique challenges of managing forests under uncertain and changing climate and ecosystem response. Sustainable forest management is critical for both the adaptation of forests to changing climatic conditions as well as mitigation of increased levels of atmospheric greenhouse gases. The uncertainty of future climatic conditions necessitates adaptive techniques and strategies that provide flexibility and enhance ecosystem resistance and resilience.

To help address these needs in the Lake States and Northeast, we will provide several interconnected activities and products: (1) educational materials about climate change and ecosystem response; (2) a silviculture workshop designed to develop management strategies under different climate scenarios; (3) decision support tools based on recommendations from the silviculture workshop; (4) advanced training seminars on climate change science, forest ecosystem responses, and the use of the decision support tools from the workshop; (5) print and web-based media to disseminate the tools and educational materials; and (6) development of a climate change module for the USFS National Advanced Silviculture Program.

Funding for this project was provided by the US Forest Service Global Change Program. (View project summary - pdf.)

Project Activities

Silvicultural Strategies for an Uncertain Climate Future Workshop, September 17-18, 2008, Milwaukee, WI

Webinars on Climate Change and Forests

Additional Resources

Project Investigators

USFS Northern Research Station:

USFS Eastern Region:

  • Linda Parker, Forest Ecologist
  • Andrea Hille, Assistant Forest Silviculturist
  • Sheela Doshi, Biological Scientist

Northern Institute of Applied Climate Science:

Michigan Technological University:


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