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Northern Institute of Applied Climate Science

Training in Advanced Climate Change Topics

The Training in Advanced Climate Change Topics (TACCT) is a week-long pilot course that provides advanced curriculum on climate change for National Forest managers, practitioners, and other professionals. Participants of this training course will gain an enhanced knowledge of climate change science, ecosystem response and adaptation, and greenhouse gas mitigation principles. Participants will also hone communication skills and begin developing a climate change outreach event that will be created for educational purposes related to climate change.

Topics to be covered include:

  • Climate change science
  • Ecosystem responses to climate change
  • Ecosystem adaptation
  • Forest carbon & greenhouse gas mitigation
  • Communicating climate change to others

Additional Resources

Course Coordinators and Contacts

Northern Institute of Applied Climate Science:

USFS Northern Research Station:

Michigan Technological University:

USDA Forest Service-Eastern Region

  • Tom Doane, Deputy Director, AWSLME, Regional Office

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