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Climate Change Response Framework

[map:] Shows areas of threee climate chagne framework studies

The Climate Change Response Framework (Framework) is a collaborative approach to helping land managers understand the potential effects of climate change on forest ecosystems and integrating climate change considerations into management. Since 2009, the Framework has worked to bridge the gap between scientific research on climate change impacts and on-the-ground management. The Framework stretches across ownership boundaries to invite participation of forestlands owned and managed by private individuals, forest industry, and tribes, as well as state, local, and federal agencies. The Framework was initiated with a joint commitment of the US Forest Service Northern Research Station and the Eastern Region to work closely together in addressing the challenges of climate change. The hallmark of the Framework, however, is the high level of cross-boundary cooperation among forest owners, considered essential to coping with an issue that spans borders, disciplines, and perspectives.

Visit the Climate Change Response Framework website at to learn more about the projects and their partners.

[photo:] Central Appalchian forest.

The Central Appalachians Climate Change Response Framework covers almost 29 million acres in eastern Ohio, West Virginia, and western Maryland
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[photo:] Central hardwood forest

The Central Hardwoods Climate Change Response Framework covers 42 million acres across portions of Illinois, Indiana and Missouri.
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[photo:] Allegheny Naotional Forest, PennsylvaniaThe Mid-Atlantic project covers 60 million acres of diverse forests across Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, and New York.
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[photo:] New England (Acadia NF)forest with lake in backgroundThe New England project covers 53 million acres of forest in Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island and Vermont
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[photo:] Hiawatha National Forest. The Northwoods Climate Change Response Framework is an expansion of the pilot Climate Change Response Framework in northern Wisconsin. The Northwoods Framework covers 64 million acres across Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan. More about this project > >

[photo:] Urban tree canopy over city streetThe Urban Forestry project will engage with communities across the region that are interested in adapting their urban forest management to climate change, with a pilot initiative in the Chicago area.
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Last Modified: 01/02/2018