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Northern Institute of Applied Climate Science

Climate Change Resource Center

[image:] The Climate Change Resource Center (CCRC) logo.The Climate Change Resource Center (CCRC) provides natural resource managers with access to science-based information and tools concerning ecosystem management and climate change. Its online portal offers original syntheses of land management topics written by scientists and resource specialists, in-depth video presentations that cover a wide range of climate change adaptation and mitigation topics, and access to a variety of tools and recommended literature. The CCRC is a joint project of the USDA Forest Service Research Stations, and the Environmental Threat Assessment Centers (WWETAC and EFETAC), with guidance from the Forest Service Climate Change Advisor. NIACS plays a key role in managing the CCRC and in developing resources and synthesizing content for the website.


The CCRC continues to grow and change as it adds new content on managing ecosystems under climate change. Please visit the website at



Last Modified: 03/28/2012