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Northern Institute of Applied Climate Science

Michigan Forest Biofuels Website & Outreach

[photo:] A biomass harvester selectively cutting trees that will be used to produce bioenergy.NIACS has been working with several partners to develop a website focused on two Michigan-based, wood biofuel research projects. This website will serve as a principle outreach medium for the biofuels research, informing policy makers, landowners, loggers, and other members of the general public about the research that is taking place and what applications it may have.

The two research projects are similar in focus but center on different geographical scales. The Feedstock Supply Chain Center of Energy Excellence focuses on the development of a sustainable biofuel supply chain to a planned cellulosic ethanol facility in Kinross, MI (Michigan’s Upper Peninsula). The Forestry Biofuel Statewide Collaboration Center examines the forest feedstock supply infrastructure for woody biomass within the entire state of Michigan. Research for each project involves determining biomass availability, looking into the sustainable production of woody material, and examining how to improve the efficiency of the supply chain for woody biomass.


Launched in March of 2011, the Michigan Forest Biofuels Research website is currently available at



Last Modified: 03/08/2011