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Bioenergy is one form of renewable energy that provides an alternative to fossil fuels. Bioenergy is the creation of electricity, heat, and fuel from biomass, or plant and animal materials. Woody materials from forests represent one possible source of biomass. NIACS works with collaborators to help disseminate current research on using woody biomass as an energy source, and what this would mean for forests and forest management.


[photo:] Logging equipment loading pine tops onto a truck. The tops are too small for many uses, but can be used for energy production.Michigan Forest Biofuels Website & Outreach
NIACS is participating in outreach work for two Michigan-based wood biofuel research projects. Descriptions and results from this research will be made available to the public on a website that is currently in development. More about this project > >

[photo:] Participants listening to a presenter during a summit on using woody biomass to generate energy in Michigan. Upper Peninsula Bioenergy Workshop
In March of 2009, NIACS organized a workshop to explore the potential for using forest resources in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula to produce bioenergy. Presentations covered the technical, economic, and social aspects of utilizing woody biomass. More about this project > >  

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