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A Window on Tomorrow`s Forests - The Northern Forest Futures Project provides perspective on future forests of the Midwest and Northeast

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Begun in 2009, the Northern Forest Futures Project takes a long-term, large-scale perspective by applying scenario analyses and other forward-looking analytical tools to help society understand the magnitude and consequences of cumulative forest changes anticipated over the next 50 years. Forests in the Northeast and Midwest are not just part of the landscape, they are part of all of our lives in the form of forest industry and sustainable rural communities (jobs, investment, tax base, economic activity), and outdoor recreation including hunting, birdwatching, camping, skiing, boating, and hiking. Forests give us clean water and clean air, renewable energy, and they sequester vast quantities of carbon from the atmosphere, partially offsetting carbon emissions associated with climate change. Research developed in the Northern Forest Futures Project gives forest owners, managers, and other decisionmakers information to guide sustainable management of the 174 million acres of public and private forests in the Northern United States.

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Last modified: March 15, 2016