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We are seeking photos to help illustrate examples of forest conditions and treatments. Find out how you can contribute to this web site.

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This web site is produced in corporation between the USDA Forest Service and the University of Minnesota. The following individuals have contributed to the conduct and development of this site (in alphabetical order):

Project Leaders

[photo] Alan Ek

Alan R. Ek
Professor and Head, University of Minnesota Department of Forest Resources.  Contributed to the development of silviculture, management, and growth and yield sections, provided coordination for overall development of the project.

[photo] Alan Ek

Steve A. Katovich
Entomologist with with USDA Forest Service, Northeastern Area State and Private Forestry. Coordinated the development of the forest health aspects of the website; provided detailed information related to forest insects.

[photo] Michael Kilgore

Michael A. Kilgore
Assistant Professor with the University of Minnesota, Department of Forest Resources. Coordinated the development of the financial and economic-related aspects of the website; assisted in overall project development.

[photo] Brian Palik

Brian J. Palik
Project Leader and Research Ecologist with the USDA Forest Service,
Northern Research Station. Developed specifc content for ecology and ecological silvicuture and management sections of Forestry 101 and individual species guides; contributed to overall development of guide objectives, design, and content.


Project Participants

[photo] Grant Domke

Grant Domke
Research Forester with the Forest Inventory and Analysis Program within the USDA Forest Service. Led research on developing web-based forest management guidelines, forest resource analysis, modeling and project communications and publication. 

[photo] Sarah Finley

Sarah Finley
Science communication specialist with the University of Minnesota, Department of Forest Resources. Designed and developed the North Central Forest Management Guides Web site.

[photo] Dan Gilmore

Daniel W. Gilmore
Assistant Professor with the University of Minnesota, Department of Forest Resources. Co-led with Brian Palik the revision of the 1977 Red Pine Manager's Guide.

Denys A. Goychuck

Rick Klevorn
Division of Forestry, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.

[photo] Julie Martinez

Julie Martinez
Scientific Illustrator. Minneapolis, MN. Contributed several of the forestry illustrations.

[photo] Julie Martinez

Mike Ostry
Forest Pathologist with the USDA Forest Service, Northern Research Station. Provided detailed information on tree diseases and assisted in the development of the forest health material on the website.

Eric Zenner


Contribute to this web site

The authors are seeking photos of forest conditions and treatments, especially those illustrating:

  • Regional landscapes
  • Regional forest cover types and stand conditions (e.g., young, mature, old forest, various densities)
  • Stand treatments (before, treatment application, after, and several to many years after)
  • Examples of forest management practices and specific treatments (prescribed burning, planting, release, thinning, etc.)

We urge readers to send these photos to us at shobrla@fs.fed.us with appropriate verbal description for captions.  Especially helpful would be information including:

  • Title/description
  • Location: County or Region of state or state
  • Date (mm/dd/yyyy) optional
  • Contributor (full name or first initial and last name) and/or organization.
  • Contact phone number, email address, and postal address

    Red pine after thinning to 70 square feet of basal area, Itasca County, MN, 9/29/2005,  Brian J. Palik, USDA Forest Service Northern Research Station.

This contributor recognition will then be applied to all photos ultimately used on the site.  In addition to the photo caption with credit to the individual and/or their organization, a list of contributors will be maintained as part of the site.   In other words, we are seeking user help in enhancing this website.  Note that all contributions will be considered in the public domain, i.e., not subject to copywrite.

The authors have noted the difficulty of obtaining photo coverage of all the possible forest conditions and treatments, thus contributions of this type will be extremely valuable in improving this site.

Finally, we would appreciate detailed descriptions of treatments or silvicultural prescriptions that have been documented as especially effective for management of the noted species, cover types, or associated problems.

Should you have questions on this request, please direct them to shobrla@fs.fed.us.


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