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Northern Research Station
One Gifford Pinchot Drive
Madison, WI 53726
(608) 231-9200
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Area (thousand acres)
Percent of total area
Growing-stock volume (million cubic feet)
Sawtimber volume (million board feet)
Average annual net growth of growing stock (thousand cubic feet)
Average annual removals of growing stock (thousand cubic feet)
Average annual mortality of growing stock (thousand cubic feet)
Aboveground biomass of live trees (short tons)
Aboveground carbon in live trees (short tons)

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Forest Inventory and Analysis research units throughout the United States have participated in establishing a National Database Retrieval System. This database was established to provide common forest resource attributes using compatible formats in a standard set of inventory tables. Statewide data may be downloaded from this database in tabular format or as comma delimited text files. The text files have been made available from the most recent inventory of each state, and may be downloaded as either a tree file, plot file, or county file. Further information can be found at




Last Modified: 10/15/2019