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Marcell Experimental Forest

Marcell Hydrology Database

The Marcell Experimental Forest contains six research watersheds and other study sites. The research watersheds each consist of an upland portion and a peatland that is the source of a stream leaving the watershed. The distinct landscape features provide a wide range of environments to study. The Marcell Experimental Forest has a large database on soils, hydrology, and chemical cycling and transport. Meteorological and hydrologic data have been collected at monitoring stations since 1961. Not all variables were measured at all watersheds in all years.

The Research Data Archive currently hosts three queryable databases including

  • Streamflow data - Daily streamflow data for watersheds S1, S2, S4, S5, and S6.
  • Water table elevations - Daily peatland, daily upland well, and monthly upland well water table elevations.
  • Upland runoff - Estimated daily and measured event upland runoff volume data for both surface and subsurface plots in the S2 and S6 research catchments.

and more long-term monitoring data are being added.

Last Modified: 07/03/2019