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Marcell Experimental Forest

Marcell Hydrology Database

Marcell hydrological data from the past 45 years are available for download from the Get Data page. (Access to National Atmospheric Deposition Program data collected on the Marcell is available at the national NADP site.)

Background information about the available data and the MEF collection sites is available on the Metadata page.

For information about submitting your own Marcell Experimental Forest data, go to the Submit Data page.

Sample graphs are available for almost all of the variables below on the Graphs page.

Variables Measured:

Air Temperature:


Daily Temperature

Daily Precipitation

Water Tables:


Monthly Water Tables

Soil Properties

Daily Water Tables

Soil Available Water

Stream Runoff:

Frost and Snow:

Daily Runoff

Frost by Covertype

Monthly Max Runoff

Frost in Bogs

Max Snow Runoff

Maximum Snowpack

Max Rain Runoff

Monthly Total Runoff


Last Modified: 03/06/2013