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About the Marcell Experimental Forest

[photo:] Completed in 2005,  Marcell Experimental Forest research facility.The USDA Forest Service Marcell Experimental Forest (MEF) is an 890-ha tract of land located 40 km north of Grand Rapids, Minnesota. The MEF has been reserved for long-term research with the cooperation of the USDA Forest Service Northern Research Station, the Chippewa National Forest, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, Itasca County, and a private landowner.

[photo:] Forested bog in the S2 watershed at the Marcell Experimental Forest.The MEF contains six experimental watersheds, each consisting of an upland portion and a peatland that is the source of a stream leaving the watershed. These unique features provide a wide range of hydrological environments to study. The Marcell Experimental Forest has a large historical database concerning soils, hydrology, and chemical cycling and transport. Climatic and hydrologic data have been collected continuously at monitoring stations since 1960. Six peatland / upland forest watersheds have been instrumented, and have been studied in detail, including hydrology, nutrient and mercury cycling and behavior, and release of organic carbon and acidity. Hydrologic monitoring and other related research continues at the MEF. To visit our online databases, see the MEF Hydrology Database page.


Last Modified: 10/21/2019