Penobscot Experimental Forest


The U.S. Forest Service, Northern Research Station contacts for the Penobscot Experimental Forest are:

  • Chris Woodall, Project Leader and Research Forester. Chris leads the Research Work Unit responsible for Forest Service research at the PEF and can answer questions about broader agency goals.
  • Laura Kenefic, Research Forester. Laura is the Forest Service’s lead scientist at the PEF and is the point of contact for inquiries regarding the long-term research there.
  • Kate Gerndt, Research Assistant and Data Manager. Kate is responsible for organizing and archiving data for Forest Service studies at the PEF. She is the point of contact for requests for data or assistance working with data found online at the Forest Service’s Research Data Archives.
  • Bethany Muñoz Delgado, Research Ecologist. Bethany is the ecologist at the PEF and manages the spatial data associated with Forest Service research there.
  • Andrew Richley, Forester and Site Manager. Andrew is responsible for field operations, research support,  and management of the Forest Service facilities and infrastructure on the PEF.

The University of Maine contact for the PEF:

  • Keith Kanoti, University of Maine, School of Forest Resources. Keith is the University Forest Manager; he is the point of contact for all PEF matters not specified above.