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Iverson, L.R., A. Prasad, and D.M. Ketzner. 1997. A summary of the Illinois flora based on the Illinois Plant Information Network. Transactions of the Illinois State Academy of Science 90:41-64.

Iverson, L.R., and A. Prasad. 1998. Estimating regional plant biodiversity with GIS modelling. Diversity and Distributions. 4:49-61.


Illinois Plant Information Network

Illinois Plant Information Network (ILPIN) was designed to provide many different types of information about ALL of the vascular plant taxa found in Illinois. At this site, you can search on a species (by scientific or common name), and retrieve all the information we have compiled on the species, as well as a map of its known distribution among the counties in Illinois. Over 130 variables were evaluated for each species, though seldom will all variables have data. This is a start, but a tremendous amount of information still needs to be researched and/or compiled.

Nomenclature for taxa follow: Mohlenbrock, R.H. 1986. Guide to the vascular flora of Illinois. Southern Illinois University Press, Carbondale, IL.

Data collection work was conducted and sponsored by the Illinois Natural History Survey, 607 E. Peabody, Champaign, IL 61820. Funding was also provided by the Illinois Department of Transportation. The work was primarily done during the period 1984-1992; this current effort is to make the data more readily available via the web.

The database is incomplete; much of the information just is not available. Common names are not available for all species, and many species have more than one common name. Here, only one (if available) is given; other common names are presented in the data for individual species.

Citation for this database:

Iverson, L.R., D. Ketzner, and J. Karnes. 1999. Illinois Plant Information Network. Database at Illinois Natural History Survey and USDA Forest Service.


Principal Investigators

  • Louis Iverson, USDA Forest Service Northern Research Station - Landscape Ecologist
  • David Ketzner, Illinois Natural History Survey
  • Jeanne Karnes, Illinois Natural History Survey


  • Anantha Prasad, USDA Forest Service Northern Research Station - Ecologist

Last Modified: 12/17/2009