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Clean Air and Water

Water from Forests

Research Issue

[photo:] stream in forest at high flow, showing the clean water that is a hallmark of forested watershedsBecause the majority of the U.S. drinking water supplies originate on forested land, forest managers must be able to predict the effects of their management activities upon the quantity and quality of water coming from these forests.  Thus, a sound understanding of the effects of disturbances, both natural and human-caused, on water quality and quantity is needed to help sustain healthy forests and clean abundant water, in  a world with changing climate.

Our Research

We work mostly on the Fernow Experimental Forest, and have some of the country’s longest continuous hydrologic and meteorological data from forested watersheds.  We use these long-term data records and experiments to address questions about  hydrologic processes in forests and to answer more applied questions that land managers ask.   We are participating in several national synthesis efforts, utilizing similar long-term data from other long-term forested watershed research. 

Expected Outcomes

Our  research will inform municipal water suppliers, land managers, policy makers, advocacy groups and individual citizens of the relationship between the forest and faucet.  A synthesis of results from many Experimental Forest and Ranges will result in a series of publications and products that educate people about the relationships between forests and waters. A better-informed constituency can make better decisions at the personal to national and even global scale.

Research Results

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Research Participants

Principal Investigator

  • Mary Beth Adams, US Forest Service, Northern Research Station - Research Soil Scientist
  • Pamela J. Edwards, US Forest Service, Northern Research Station - Research Hydrologist

Research Partners

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