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Forest Ecology & Management

Researchers study the urban forest canopy. Photo Credit: Sarah Low, US Forest ServiceUrban forests are made up of the trees and other vegetation in parks, greenways, waterfronts, and residential yards across public property, private property, and vacant land. Many cities have set ambitious tree planting goals in an effort to increase urban tree canopy cover. Forest Service research has supported these efforts by providing tools to help communities inventory and map their current canopy cover, prioritize areas for tree planting, and estimate benefits received from their urban forests. These tools help municipalities plan for a resilient future in the face of climate change, loss of open space, and declining urban canopy cover nationwide. As a result, the Urban Tree Canopy (UTC) suite of tools has been included in the U.S. Climate Resilience Toolkit.

Long-term research at the Baltimore Field Station reveals the ways that urban forests change across time and space, and how urban tree canopy may be related to local residents’ quality of life. Detailed assessments of the urban forest as a natural resource, combined with studies of urban residents’ attitudes and behaviors related to trees, contributes to a better understanding of the spatial distribution of the urban forest, why it is there, and how policymakers may best increase tree canopy in the future.


Baltimore Field Station Projects supporting Forest Ecology & Management include:

Publications and Data

Publications are listed in reverse chronological order.

All data associated with this research is archived on the BES website.


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Partner Publications

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