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Baltimore Field Station

School Partnerships & Environmental Education

As an agency, the USDA Forest Service Baltimore Field Station has a strong commitment for caring for the land and serving the needs of the people and has created a network of urban forestry initiatives supporting technology innovation and economic development in the City of Baltimore.  Over the past 25 years, the Baltimore Field Station has been involved in numerous partnerships  and has collaborated with the Baltimore City Public Schools System, local communities, faith-based organizations, City and State agencies, including Baltimore City Department of Recreation and Parks, the Baltimore Department of Public Works and the Maryland Department of the Environment, other non-profit organizations, such as Parks & People Foundation, Baltimore Tree Trust, The National Park Trust and the National Park Foundation, local colleges and universities, and business leaders and developers to implement innovative and sustainable strategies that engage residents in improving their natural, economic, and social environment through our outreach and educational activities.



Since 2014, the Baltimore Field Station has been in partnership with Green Street Academy (GSA), a Baltimore City Public Charter School for grades 6 through 12, located in Baltimore, Maryland . GSA strongly believes in a comprehensive, place-based approach, and sustainable model in educating children and rebuilding an entire community that will help transform neighborhoods struggling with issues like poverty, poor health, failing schools, and high crime rates. The GSA Mission is to create a landscape of learning and production that stimulates growth and cultivates minds, while emphasizing the sustainable core principles of Conservation, Energy Management and Landscape Management.

As a Federal agency, we share a common goal with the school in providing innovative approaches in education and sustainable solutions that will prepare students with the skills they can utilize for “green jobs”  and to promote the “new green” economy in the City of Baltimore. It is also our desire to see the students  pursue academic degrees in STEM-related fields of study by improving the college education-to workforce development pipeline that  will ensure student growth, learning and achievement at every level, enhancing opportunities for a successful future.



The overarching goal of higher education at large is to adequately prepare students to achieve success in their future careers. As an agency, the Baltimore Field Station provide interns and fellows with a variety of experiential learning experiences as they interacted with our partners and stakeholders in gaining work experience, practical skills and insight as to how to approach and solve ecological, social and environmental issues that many residents face while living in urban environments. It cannot be stressed enough, the vital importance of internships. As interns progress through the educational system, transitioning from college and eventually becoming young professionals, the Forest Service can have a direct impact by providing internships and job opportunities at the research level. The investment in internship programs will pay dividends to the Forest Service as our organization continues to strive for a diverse workforce in the next decades to come. The Baltimore Field Station looks forward to hosting more interns and fellows in the near future.


Last Modified: September 16, 2019