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State-Wide Changes in Area-Weighted Incidence Values
The links below allow you to explore products that itemize area-weighted changes in incidence values for different GCM scenarios and also look at winners and losers of species within eastern US states.    Context-Sensitive Help    
Alabama(AL); Arkansas(AR); Connecticut(CT); Delaware(DE); Florida(FL); Georgia(GA); Iowa(IA); Illinois(IL); Indiana(IN); Kansas(KS); Kentucky(KY); Louisiana(LA); Massachusetts(MA); Maryland(MD); Maine(ME); Michigan(MI); Minnesota(MN); Missouri(MO); Mississippi(MS); North Carolina(NC); North Dakota(ND); Nebraska(NE); New Hampshire(NH); New Jersey(NJ); New York(NY); Ohio (OH); Oklahoma(OK); Pennsylvania(PA); Rhode Island(RI); South Carolina(SC); South Dakota(SD); Tennessee(TN); Texas(TX); Virginia(VA); Vermont(VT); Wisconsin(WI); West Virginia(WV);