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Dana R. Fisher, Erika S. Svendsen, Joseph Waggle, Anya M. Galli, and Sarah C. Low. 2015. Under the Green Umbrella: A Census of Civic Environmental Stewardship Organizations in the City of Philadelphia. For the Stewardship Mapping and Assessment Project (STEW-MAP) Program for Society and the Environment, University of Maryland and US Forest Service, Northern Research Station. White Paper, Spring 2015.

Svendsen, Erika S.; Campbell, Lindsay K.; Fisher, Dana R.; Connolly, James J.T.; Johnson, Michelle L.; Sonti, Nancy F.; Locke, Dexter H.; Westphal, Lynne M.; LeBlanc Fisher, Cherie; Grove, J. Morgan; Romolini, Michele; Blahna, Dale J.; Wolf, Kathleen L. 2016. Stewardship mapping and assessment project: a framework for understanding community-based environmental stewardship. Gen. Tech. Rep. 156. Newtown Square, PA: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Northern Research Station. 134 p.

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