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Calumet: An Ecological & Economic Rebirth


The Northern Research Station has realigned our staff from 37 Research Work Units and Programs into 14 new Research Work Units.

RWU-4902 is now part of NRS-9, People and Their Environments: Social Science Supporting Natural Resource Management and Policy.

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The Calumet Initiative

Healthy Economy, Healthy Environment, Healthy Communities

[photo:] Factory at Calumet site.The Calumet Initiative is a coalition of community-based groups, educational institutions, and government agencies working to revitalize the Calumet region's economy while also preserving and enhancing its significant ecological riches. This CD contains many of the planning and visioning documents for Calumet, research reports and summaries, information about and from grassroots groups, and other materials about The Calumet Initiative's efforts.


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