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Northern Research Station
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The Northern Research Station has realigned our staff from 37 Research Work Units and Programs into 14 new Research Work Units.

RWU-4804 is now part of NRS-9, People and Their Environments: Social Science Supporting Natural Resource Management and Policy.

[photo:] Group of people enjoying a day in the park.Our research looks at people in relation to their natural environment, investigating their perceptions, attitudes and values, and how they can be incorporated into land use and management decisions. It falls into the following general categories:

Wildland Fire

How can research help minimize the impacts of wildfire on people and things they value? Empowering communities to prepare for wildfire and helping land managers identify high-risk areas are some of the ways. .. more >>

Changing Landscapes

How can communities protect and enhance natural areas while allowing urban development? Forecasting where new hot spots for development will occur enables them to plan ahead to best accommodate growth. .. more >>

Forest Values

How do the changing forest values of a diverse population affect what people want from forest lands? The answers are key to making land-use decisions that reflect the people such decisions are intended to serve. .. more >>

Land Management

What do land managers and decision-makers need to know to most effectively manage forest resources? The more they understand about the people concerned with how the land is managed, the more they will be able to accomplish... more >>

Last Modified: 12/21/2007

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Research Highlights

Determinants of Forest Land Prices - Gaining insight into what buyers of forested land value to help managers anticipate future land uses.


Protecting Metropolitan Open Space - A model for weighing trade-offs in addressing the many variables in open space protection.


[image:] Graph from Forest Service Issues in the News website.

Forest Service Issues in the News - A new web-based system monitors public discussion about policy issues.