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Landscape Ecology


The Northern Research Station has realigned our staff from 37 Research Work Units and Programs into 14 new Research Work Units.

RWU-4156 is now part of NRS-13, Institute for Applied Ecosystem Studies: Theory and Application of Scaling Science in Forestry.

Our Mission

Swamps in northern Wisconsin.  Photo by Mike Lietz.

To develop the knowledge and technology for a multi-scale approach to managing natural resources for diverse human needs.


Our research focuses on:

  • Understanding the reciprocal relationships between spatial pattern and ecological process.
  • Understanding the drivers of landscape change and the ecological consequences of change.
  • Building predictive models of forest growth and disturbance over large areas and long time periods.
  • Conducting comprehensive, hierarchical, large-to-small scale, integrated resource assessments.

More Information

This site is under development as the Forest Service brings together the Northeastern and North Central Research Stations to form the Northern Research Station, serving the Northeast and Midwest. Check back often as we expand our site to reflect our combined commitment to supporting the natural resources and people of the Northeastern and Midwestern United States.

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