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October Feature - Spooky Science

It may not be a dark and stormy night, but it is October, so the Northern Research Station is dishing up some of our spookiest science. Meet a scientist who works to help bats (an important and not spooky species) survive a fungal disease that strikes during hibernation; discover what terrifies bird parents, and what the consequences are for nestlings; and learn about a partnership that sought to solve the mystery of dying beech leaves.

Rooted in Research

Seeing Our Future More Clearly: How One Peatland Study is Changing How We Think About Carbon

On a 20-acre bog in the Marcell Experimental Forest in northern Minnesota, 10 open-topped chambers rise more than 23 feet out of the peatland, connected by walkways that seem to float over a layer of Sphagnum moss.


New Podcast Episode: Mac Callaham, a research ecologist, goes searching in Georgia’s Chattahoochee National Forest for one of Brood X’s most-southern cicada emergences.

Field note from a scientist on a once in 17 year event. Listen here >>

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