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November Feature - Exploring What Lies Beneath

The forests we see are shaped by what lies beneath them.  Northern Research Station science expands understanding of soils, the life it holds, and its influence on forest communities and even global carbon cycles.

This month, we highlight a scientist who reveals how underground systems work, research that shows how geologic history has shaped where oak forests flourish, and a partnership that fosters shared stewardship through a comprehensive mapping project.

Rooted in Research

Reshaping Great Lakes pine forests: Adapting to drought and climate change

The red pine forests of the western Great Lakes region aren't what they used to be.

The climate is warming, and forests are suffering from more frequent short-term droughts, potentially endangering the livelihoods of local communities dependent on a robust forest products industry, as well as local cultural values and many regional wildlife and plant species that depend on healthy, resilient forests.


Our new podcast brings you stories, interviews, and special in-depth anthologies of the science that's examining and explaining how forests affect our lives, and how we affect our forests.

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