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June Feature - Provide Abundant Clean Water

More than half of America’s freshwater flows from public and private forest land, and about 60 million Americans rely on drinking water that originates on the national forests and grasslands. USDA Forest Service scientists are helping ensure that the Nation’s drinking water remains clean and abundant. This month’s scientist, partnership, research and product stories feature a scientist who explores how water (and the chemicals it carries) move through the landscape, how research is helping land managers improve the health of the Great Lakes, how the flow of personal care products affects aquatic ecosystems, and a resource that helps land managers adapt forests for changing habitat conditions.

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Science of the Seasons

Hemlock Woolly Adelgid. Photo by Michael Montgomery, USDA Forest Service,

Two entomologists and a silviculturist discuss the battle against the invasive hemlock woolly adelgid in the Eastern United States.

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Hemlock Woolly Adelgid

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