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US Forest Service Northern Research Station

December Feature - Deliver Benefits to the Public

Forests are beautiful, but they are also hard-working landscapes. People benefit from forests in many ways, including through abundant and clean water, cleaner air, and shade that reduces energy use in urban areas. USDA Forest Service scientists deliver research and tools that help land managers protect these resources for present and future generations of Americans. This month’s featured scientist, research, product and partnership stories show how Forest Service science contributes to forest sustainability, which in turn contributes to the U.S. economy and human health.

2017 Research Highlights

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Science of the Seasons

Hikers on Oberg Mountain Trail, Superior National Forest.

Kelly van Frankenhuyzen talks with U.S. Forest Service experts, Kevin Smith, Paul Schaberg, and Colleen Mainville about fall colors in the Northeast and the science behind the seasonal change.

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Science of Fall Colors

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