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December Feature - Inspire the Next Generation of Conservation Leaders

Many Northern Research Station scientists can trace their interest in natural resources to experiences with nature. For some it occurs in childhood—spending time with family in the North Woods of Wisconsin or canoeing with the scout troop in the Northeast. For others it may result from interactions with hiking and camping enthusiasts in college. This month we feature four researchers who represent the next generation of Forest Service science and contribute new perspectives on science that will help enhance the health and sustainability of our nation’s forests today and into the future.

Science of the Seasons

Hemlock Woolly Adelgid. Photo by Michael Montgomery, USDA Forest Service,

Two entomologists and a silviculturist discuss the battle against the invasive hemlock woolly adelgid in the Eastern United States.

Autumn Podcast

Hemlock Woolly Adelgid

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Last modified: Sunday, December 10, 2017