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July Feature - Up in the Air

Trees are deeply rooted, held fast to the Earth by a web of roots as wide as the canopy above them. Scientists studying trees are not so tightly bound to the ground; studying trees and the species that depend on them has them looking up in the air. In July, we feature a scientist whose fascination with bats continues to grow, how tree breeding gives trees a lift in defending themselves against invasive pests and diseases, how wildfire creates its own atmosphere, and a partnership focused on measuring tree canopy.

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Science of the Seasons

Midewin Interagency Hotshot crew member lights a prescribed fire in the Moquah Barrens of Wisconsin.

In our featured podcast, Jon Yales talks with Jay Charney about the new Hot-Dry-Windy fire weather index.

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Hot-Dry-Windy Fire Weather Index

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Last modified: Sunday, July 21, 2019