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January Feature - Looking to the Future

Thinking about the future is an inherent component of natural resource management. Forest management actions taken today shape the forests of tomorrow, but not all factors that influence forests are under managers’ control.  This month we feature a scientist with a mission to detect tree stress even before there are visible signs, research that uses futuring tools to identify drivers of forest change over the next 20 years, and a partnership of scientists and managers aiming to help an urban park adapt to an uncertain future

Rooted in Research

Restoring Pine Barrens Habitat: Optimizing Soil Conditions with Prescribed Fire

Scattered throughout the Midwest and elsewhere in North America, pine barrens communities occur on sandy, infertile soils and are characterized by low tree density and an understory of grasses and other fire-dependent species. These communities are highly important as refugia for many threatened, endangered, and sensitive species, including sharp-tailed grouse and several butterflies.


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