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June Feature - People and Forests

When it comes to forests, our values and perspectives are unique; one person’s serene landscape may be another person’s college fund. In June, the Northern Research Station celebrates “Great Outdoors Month” with stories about a scientist who sees private forest owners as the future of forests, how the Nation’s Tree Census is moving into a city near you, how community stewardship leads to community resilience, and a partnership that is helping doctors prescribe the great outdoors to patients in Philadelphia.

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Science of the Seasons

Midewin Interagency Hotshot crew member lights a prescribed fire in the Moquah Barrens of Wisconsin.

In our featured podcast, Jon Yales talks with Jay Charney about the new Hot-Dry-Windy fire weather index.

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Hot-Dry-Windy Fire Weather Index

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Last modified: Wednesday, June 19, 2019