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June Feature - Connect People to the Outdoors

We derive many benefits from forests, cleaner air and water chief among them, but some of what we gain from forests defies valuation. Time outdoors makes us breathe that cleaner air a bit more deeply. Whether we are hiking down a remote trail or sitting on a park bench, connecting with nature has the power to restore us.

In June, we feature a scientist, a research project, a product and a partnership that center on connecting people and nature.

Science of the Seasons

Wisconsin Students use Every Kid in a Park Passes

Forest research is a year-round occupation, but it is fair to say that things get more exciting in the spring. As trees leaf out and understory plants grow, scientists return to the woods to re-measure existing field plots and to install new studies.

Spring Podcast

Veteran Trees

More on the Science of the Seasons

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Last modified: Sunday, June 25, 2017