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February Feature - Invasive Species

Invasive species can wreak havoc on ecosystems and ecological processes, but they are not going unchallenged.  This month we feature a scientist who has been fascinated by insects for his whole life, research that aims to improve detection by establishing how invasive species spread, and how 100 national experts partnered to author a comprehensive state-of-the-science synthesis on invasive species ecology and impacts.

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Saving Eastern Oak Forests: Prescribed Fire Impact on Timber Quality

Oak-dominated ecosystems in the eastern United States rely on periodic fire to create conditions that are conducive to oak regeneration. However, concern about reducing timber quality has made some managers wary of using fire as a management tool. A team of Northern Research Station scientists, foresters, and ecologists are collaborating to assess timber quality by inventorying trees across multiple national forests that have varied prescribed fire histories.


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