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Urban Forests, Environmental Quality and Human Health


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Neighborhood blight, stress, and health: a walking trial of urban greening and ambulatory heart rate South, Eugenia C.; Kondo, Michelle C.; Cheney, Rose A.; Branas, Charles C. 2015
The impact of green stormwater infrastructure installation on surrounding health and safety Kondo, Michelle C.; Low, Sarah C.; Henning, Jason; Branas, Charles C. 2015
Using urban forest assessment tools to model bird habitat potential Lerman, Susannah B.; Nislow, Keith H.; Nowak, David J.; DeStefano, Stephen; King, David I.; Jones-Farrand, D. Todd. 2014
Towards participatory air pollution exposure assessment in a goods movement community Kondo, Michelle C.; Mizes, Chris; Lee, John; McGady-Saier, Jacqueline; O'Malley, Lisa; Diliberto, Ariel; Burstyn, Igor. 2014
How many trees are enough? Tree death and the urban canopy Roman, Lara A. 2014
A random spatial sampling method in a rural developing nation Kondo, Michelle C.; Bream, Kent D.W.; Barg, Frances K.; Branas, Charles C. 2014
Place-based stressors associated with industry and air pollution Kondo, Michelle C.; Gross-Davis, Carol Ann; May, Katlyn; Davis, Lauren O.; Johnson, Tyiesha; Mallard, Mable; Gabbadon, Alice; Sherrod, Claudia; Branas, Charles C. 2014
Black carbon concentrations in a goods-movement neighborhood of Philadelphia, PA Kondo, Michelle C.; Mizes, Chris; Lee, John; Burstyn, Igor. 2014
Assessing urban forest effects and values: Douglas County, Kansas Nowak, David J.; Bodine, Allison R.; Hoehn, Robert E.; Ellis, Alexis; Bomberger, Kim; Crane, Daniel E.; Endreny, Theodore A.; Taggert, Thomas; Stephan, Emily. 2014
Tree and forest effects on air quality and human health in the United States Nowak, David J.; Hirabayashi, Satoshi; Bodine, Allison; Greenfield, Eric. 2014

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