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Urban Forests, Environmental Quality and Human Health

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Map showing the locations of Urban Forests, Human Health, and Environmental Quality


Name Title Location
Nowak, David Project Leader / Research Forester Syracuse, New York
Belt, Kenneth Hydrologist/Aquatic Ecologist Baltimore, Maryland
Bloniarz, David Biological Scientist Amherst, Massachusetts
Bodine, Allison Research Analyst Syracuse, New York
Crane, Daniel Information Technology Specialist Syracuse, New York
Ellis, Alexis GIS Specialist (Student) Syracuse, New York
Greenfield, Eric Forester Syracuse, New York
Hoehn, Robert Forester Syracuse, New York
Kondo, Ph.D., Michelle Research Hydrologist Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Low, Sarah C. Biological Scientist Philadelphia, PA
Nowak, David Project Leader / Research Forester Syracuse, New York
Roman, Lara Research Ecologist Philadelphia, PA
Wiegand, Una Project Secretary Syracuse, New York
Yesilonis, Ian Soil Scientist Baltimore, Maryland


Last Modified: 04/13/2009