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Sustaining Forests in a Changing Environment

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Evaluating the economic costs and benefits of slowing the spread of emerald ash borer in Ohio and Michigan Bossenbroek, Jonathan; Croskey, Audra; Finnoff, David; Iverson, Louis; McDermott, Shana M.; Prasad, Anantha; Sims, Charles; Sydnor, Davis. 2015
Ecological benefits and risks arising from liming sugar maple dominated forests in northeastern North America Moore, Jean-David; Ouimet, Rock; Long, Robert P.; Bukaveckas, Paul. A. 2015
How the eastern US National Forests were formed [Book review] Iverson, Louis R. 2014
Long-term biological legacies of herbivore density in a landscape-scale experiment: forest understories reflect past deer density treatments for at least 20 years Nuttle, Tim; Ristau, Todd E.; Royo, Alejandro A. 2014
Central Hardwoods ecosystem vulnerability assessment and synthesis: a report from the Central Hardwoods Climate Change Response Framework project Brandt, Leslie; He, Hong; Iverson, Louis; Thompson, Frank R.; Butler, Patricia; Handler, Stephen; Janowiak, Maria; Shannon, P. Danielle; Swanston, Chris; Albrecht, Matthew; Blume-Weaver, Richard; Deizman, Paul; DePuy, John; Dijak, William D.; Dinkel, Gary; Fei, Songlin; Jones-Farrand, D. Todd; Leahy, Michael; Matthews, Stephen; Nelson, Paul; Oberle, Brad; Perez, Judi; Peters, Matthew; Prasad, Anantha; Schneiderman, Jeffrey E.; Shuey, John; Smith, Adam B.; Studyvin, Charles; Tirpak, John M.; Walk, Jeffery W.; Wang, Wen J.; Watts, Laura; Weigel, Dale; Westin, Steve. 2014
Ecosystem services in changing landscapes: An introduction Iverson, Louis; Echeverria, Cristian; Nahuelhual, Laura; Luque, Sandra. 2014
Chapter 3 Forest processes Ryan, Michael G.; Vose, James M.; Hanson, Paul J.; Iverson, Louis R.; Miniat, Chelcy F.; Luce, Charles H.; Band, Lawrence E.; Klein, Steven L.; McKenzie, Don; Wear, David N. 2014
Can cover data be used as a surrogate for seedling counts in regeneration stocking evaluations in northern hardwood forests? Ristau, Todd E.; Stout, Susan L. 2014
Climate, trees, pests, and weeds: Change, uncertainty, and biotic stressors in eastern US national park forests Fisichelli, Nicholas A.; Abella, Scott R.; Peters, Matthew; Krist, Frank J. 2014
The fire—oak literature of eastern North America: synthesis and guidelines Brose, Patrick H.; Dey, Daniel C.; Waldrop, Thomas A. 2014
Chapter 6: quantifying greenhouse gas sources and sinks in managed forest systems Hoover, Coeli; Birdsey, Richard; Goines, Bruce; Lahm, Peter; Fan, Yongming; Nowak, David; Prisley, Stephen; Reinhardt, Elizabeth; Skog, Ken; Skole, David; Smith, James; Trettin, Carl; Woodall, Christopher. 2014
Quest for safer skies: Modeling golden eagles and wind energy to reduce turbine risk Katzner, Todd; Miller, Tricia; Stoleson, Scott. 2014
A commentary on 'mineral soil carbon fluxes in forests and implications for carbon balance assessments': a deeper look at the data Hoover, Coeli M.; Heath, Linda S. 2014
Native bark-foraging birds preferentially forage in infected ash (Fraxinus spp.) and prove effective predators of the invasive emerald ash borer (Agrilus planipennis Fairmaire) Flower, Charles E.; Long, Lawrence C.; Knight, Kathleen S.; Rebbeck, Joanne; Brown, Joel S.; Gonzalez-Meler, Miquel A.; Whelan, Christopher J. 2014
Evolution of a short-term study of lodgepole pine dwarf mistletoe vectors that turned into a long-term study of the remarkable gray jay on the Fraser Experimental Forest,Colorado, 1982-2009 Nicholls, Thomas H. 2014

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Sustaining Forests:
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[image:] Book cover - Field Measurements for Forest Carbon Monitoring A Landscape-Scale ApproachHoover, Coeli M (Ed.) 2008. Field Measurements for Forest Carbon Monitoring A Landscape - Scale Approach XVIII, 240 p. 20 illus., Hardcover
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