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Northern Research Station
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Newtown Square, PA 19073
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Sustaining Forests in a Changing Environment

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Map showing the locations of Sustaining Forests in a Changing Environment Link to more on the Vinton Furnace Experimental Forest Link to more on the Kane Experimental Forest


Name Title Location
Stout, Susan Project Leader / Research Forester Irvine, PA
Borovicka, William Forestry Technician Delaware, OH
Brose, Patrick Research Forester Irvine, PA
Clevenger, Herb Support Services Specialist Irvine, PA
Dickinson, Matthew Ecologist Delaware, OH
Fox, Timothy Biological Research Technician Delaware, OH
Hanson, Joshua Forestry Tech. Irvine, PA
Hoover, Coeli Research Ecologist Durham, NH
Horsley, Stephen Research Plant Physiologist Emeritus Irvine, PA
Hosack, David Supervisory Forest Technician / Forest Manager McArthur, OH
Hutchinson, Todd Research Ecologist Delaware, OH
Iverson, Louis Landscape Ecologist Delaware, OH
Jolliff, Joan Biological Science Tech. Delaware, OH
Knight, Kathleen Research Ecologist Delaware, OH
Long, Robert P. Supervisory Research Plant Pathologist Irvine, PA
Matthews, Stephen Ecologist Delaware, OH
Miller, Levi Biological Science Technician Delaware, OH
Peters, Matthew GIS Technician Delaware, OH
Pinchot, Cornelia Research Ecologist Delaware, OH
Prasad, Anantha Research Ecologist Delaware, OH
Rebbeck, Joanne Plant Physiologist Delaware, OH
Ristau, Todd Research Ecologist Irvine, PA
Royo, Alex Research Ecologist Irvine, PA
Sanford, Greg Forestry Tech. Irvine, PA
Smithbauer, Julie Biological Science Tech. Irvine, PA
Stoleson, Scott Research Wildlife Biologist Irvine, PA
Thomasma, Scott Management Analyst Shingleton, MI
Twery, Mark Scientist Emeritus Burlington, VT
Weldon, Corinne Computer Assistant Irvine, PA
White, John Clerk Irvine, PA
Wiltsie, Ernie Supervisory Forestry Technician Irvine, PA


Last Modified: 12/12/2012