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Northern Research Station
11 Campus Blvd., Suite 200
Newtown Square, PA 19073
(610) 557-4017
(610) 557-4132 TTY/TDD

Genetics, Biological Control, and Management of Invasive Species


[photo:] An American elm tree with Dutch elm disease.Our research is focused on development of knowledge and methods to address impacts of invasive pathogens on forested and urban landscapes in the Northeast and Midwest.  Our approaches include development of hardwood trees with resistance/tolerance to invasive pathogens through genetics, and generation of methods to use pathogen and insect resistant/tolerant hardwood tree strains to restore tree species and/or landscapes.  Beech bark disease (BBD) resistant beech have been identified and are being used to develop DNA markers for use in management of BBD, and for restoration of American beech in BBD impacted forested landscapes.  Additional American elm cultivars with tolerance to Dutch elm disease are being generated through controlled breeding and are being identified through screening of survivor trees.  Existing DED tolerant cultivars are being used to restore the American elm to forested landscapes impacted by DED and in landscapes impacted by the emerald ash borer and DED.  Research is also being done to develop ectomycorrhizal fungi that will facilitate restoration of the American chestnut.

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