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The Development of improved willow clones for eastern North America Kopp, R. F.; Smart, L. B.; Maynard, C. A.; Isebrands, J. G.; Tuskan, G. A.; Abrahamson, L. P. 2001
Restoring pine barrens for avian conservation Corace, Greg 2001
Chemistry and decomposition of litter from Populus tremuloides Michaux grown at elevated atmospheric CO2and varying N availability King, John S.; Pregitzer, Kurt S.; Zak, Donald R.; Kubiske, Mark E.; Ashby, Jennifer A.; Holmes, William E. 2001
Germination of CO2-enriched Pinus taeda L. seeds and subsequent seedling growth responses to CO2 enrichment Hussain, M.; Kubiske, M. E. ; Connor, K. F. 2001
The impact of forest structure on near-ground temperatures during two years of contrasting temperature extremes Potter, Brian E.; Teclaw, Ronald M.; Zasada, John C. 2001
Forest atmosphere carbon transfer and storage (FACTS-II) the aspen Free-air CO2 and O3 Enrichment (FACE) project: an overview. Dickson, R.E.; Lewin, K.F.; Isebrands, J.G.; Coleman, M.D.; Heilman, W.E.; Riemenschneider, D.E.; Sober, J.; Host, G.E.; Zak, D.R.; Hendrey, G.R.; Pregitzer, K.S.; Karnosky, D.F. 2000
Home range use by swamp rabbits (Sylvilagus aquaticus) in a frequently inundated bottomland forest Zollner, Patrick A.; Smith, Winston P.; Brennan, Leonard A. 2000
Long-term change and spatial pattern in a late-successional hemlock-northern hardwood forest Woods , Kerry D. 2000
Utilizing inventory information to calibrate a landscape simulation model Shifley, Steven R.; Thompson, Frank R., III; Larsen, David R.; Mladenoff, David J.; Gustafson, Eric J. 2000
NED-1: integrated analyses for forest stewardship decisions Twery, Mark J. ; Rauscher, H. Michael; Bennett, Deborah J.; Thomasma, Scott A.; Stout, Susan L.; Palmer, James F.; Hoffman, Robin E.; DeCalesta, David S.; Gustafson, Eric; Cleveland, Helene; Grove, J. Morgan; Nute, Donald; Kim, Geneho; Kollasch, R. Peter 2000

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Changing Midwest Assessment Maps

  • Resource Maps 1980-2000 - View maps that illustrate the spatial distribution, direction and intensity of the changes that have occurred on the biophysical and social landscapes of the Midwest.
  • Internet Mapping Service - This application provides you the opportunity to interactively browse the geospatial data layers created for the Changing Midwest Assessment.
Featured Publication
Weed Compaction Roller

[photo:] Roller designed and patented by Institute Scientist Ron Zalesny

Combination foliage compaction and treatment method and apparatus. U.S. Patent No. US 7,121,040. Issued on October 17, 2006.

Patent is available for licensing by commercial manufacturers. For more information contact Ron Zalesny.


[image:] Cover image from publicationA weed compaction roller system for use with mechanical herbicide application.