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Population increase in Kirtland's warbler and summer range expansion to Wisconsin and Michigan's Upper Peninsula, USA Probst, John R.; Donner, Deahn M.; Bocetti, Carol I.; Sjogren, Steve 2003
Shoot Morphogenesis Associated With Flowering in Populus deltoides (Salicaceae) Yuceer, Cetin; Land, Samuel B.; Kubiske, Mark E.; Harkess, Richard L. 2003
Tropospheric 03 moderates responses of temperate hardwood forests to elevated CO2: a synthesis of molecular to ecosystem results from the Aspen FACE project Karnosky, D. F.; Zak, D. R.; Pregitzer, K. S.; Awmack, C. S.; Bockheim, J. G.; Dickson, R. E.; Hendrey, G. R.; Host, G. E.; King, J. S.; Kopper, B. J.; Kruger, E. L.; Kubiske, M. E.; Lindroth, R. L.; Mattson, W. J.; McDonald, E. P.; Noormets, A.; Oksanen, E.; Parsons, W. F. J.; Percy, K. E.; Podila, G. K.; Riemenschneider, D. E.; Sharma, P.; Thakur, R.; Sôber, A.; Sôber, J.; Jones, W. S.; Anttonen, S.; Vapaavuori, E.; Mankovska, B.; Heilman, W.; Isebrands, J. G. 2003
Soil respiration at dominant patch types within a managed northern Wisconsin landscape Euskirchen, Eugenie S.; Chen, Jiquan; Gustafson, Eric J.; Ma, Siyan 2003
Population increase in Kirtland's warbler and summer range expansion to Wisconsin and Michigan's Upper Peninsula, USA Probst, John R.; Donner, Deahn; Bocetti, Carol I.; Sjogren, Steve 2003
Foray search: an effective systematic dispersal strategy in fragmented landscapes Conradt, L.; Zollner, P.A.; Roper, T.J.; Thomas, C.D. 2003
Linking Temporal-Optimization and Spatial-Simulation Models for Forest Planning Leefers, Larry A.; Gustafson, Eric J.; Freeman, Phillip 2003
Fire and shade effects on ground cover structure in Kirtland's warbler habitat Probst, John R.; DonnerWright, Deahn 2003
Eighth workshop on seedling physiology and growth problems in oak plantings (abstracts). 2001 September 9-12; Hiwassee, GA. Sung, S.; Kormanik, P.P.; Ostrosina, W.J.; Isebrands, J.G. 2002
Evaluating hybrid poplar rooting. I. genotype x environment interactions in three contrasting sites Zalesny, Ronald S., Jr.; Riemenschneider, Don E.; Hall, Richard B. 2002

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Changing Midwest Assessment Maps

  • Resource Maps 1980-2000 - View maps that illustrate the spatial distribution, direction and intensity of the changes that have occurred on the biophysical and social landscapes of the Midwest.
  • Internet Mapping Service - This application provides you the opportunity to interactively browse the geospatial data layers created for the Changing Midwest Assessment.
Featured Publication
Weed Compaction Roller

[photo:] Roller designed and patented by Institute Scientist Ron Zalesny

Combination foliage compaction and treatment method and apparatus. U.S. Patent No. US 7,121,040. Issued on October 17, 2006.

Patent is available for licensing by commercial manufacturers. For more information contact Ron Zalesny.


[image:] Cover image from publicationA weed compaction roller system for use with mechanical herbicide application.