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Using a process-based model (3-PG) to predict and map hybrid poplar biomass productivity in Minnesota and Wisconsin, USA Headlee, William L.; Zalesny, Ronald S. Jr.; Donner, Deahn M.; Hall, Richard B. 2013
Characterization of EST-based SSR loci in the spruce budworm, Choristoneura fumiferana (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae) Brunet, B.M.T.; Doucet, D.; Sturtevant, B.R.; Sperling, F.A.H. 2013
Scaling Aspen-FACE experimental results to century and landscape scales Gustafson, Eric J.; Kubiske, Mark E.; Sturtevant, Brian R.; Miranda, Brian R. 2013
The history and future of the forest industry of Irkutsk province Dayneko, Dennis V.; Gustafson, Eric J. 2013
When relationships estimated in the past cannot be used to predict the future: using mechanistic models to predict landscape ecological dynamics in a changing world Gustafson, Eric J. 2013
Using expert knowledge in landscape ecology [Book review] Gustafson, Eric J. 2013
Specific gravity of hybrid poplars in the north-central region, USA: within-tree variability and site × genotype effects Headlee, William L.; Zalesny, Ronald S. Jr.; Hall, Richard B.; Bauer, Edmund O.; Bender, Bradford; Birr, Bruce A.; Miller, Raymond O.; Randall, Jesse A.; Wiese, Adam H. 2013
Effects of elevated CO2 leaf diet on gypsy moth (Lepidoptera: Lymantriidae) respiration rates Foss, Anita R.; Mattson, William J.; Trier, Terry M. 2013
Spatially explicit animal response to composition of habitat Pauli, Benjamin P.; McCann, Nicholas P.; Zollner, Patrick A.; Cummings, Robert; Gilbert, Jonathan H.; Gustafson, Eric J. 2013
Assessing knowledge ambiguity in the creation of a model based on expert knowledge and comparison with the results of a landscape succession model in central Labrador. Chapter 10. Doyon, Frederik; Sturtevant, Brian; Papaik, Michael J.; Fall, Andrew; Miranda, Brian; Kneeshaw, Daniel D.; Messier, Christian; Fortin, Marie-Josee.; James, Patrick M.A. 2012

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Changing Midwest Assessment Maps

  • Resource Maps 1980-2000 - View maps that illustrate the spatial distribution, direction and intensity of the changes that have occurred on the biophysical and social landscapes of the Midwest.
  • Internet Mapping Service - This application provides you the opportunity to interactively browse the geospatial data layers created for the Changing Midwest Assessment.
Featured Publication
Weed Compaction Roller

[photo:] Roller designed and patented by Institute Scientist Ron Zalesny

Combination foliage compaction and treatment method and apparatus. U.S. Patent No. US 7,121,040. Issued on October 17, 2006.

Patent is available for licensing by commercial manufacturers. For more information contact Ron Zalesny.


[image:] Cover image from publicationA weed compaction roller system for use with mechanical herbicide application.