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Forest Health and Productivity

People & Places

Map showing the locations of Biological and Environmental Influences on Forest Health and Productivity


Name Title Location
Slavicek, Jim Acting Project Leader / Research Biologist Delaware, Ohio
Banik, Mark Microbiologist Madison, Wisconsin
Castellano, Michael Research Forester Corvallis, Oregon
Castellano, Michael Research Forester Corvallis, OR
Castillo, Paul Forester St. Paul, Minnesota
Dockry, Mike Research Natural Resource Specialist St. Paul, Minnesota
Dudzik, Kenneth Forester Durham, New Hampshire
Glaeser, Jessie A. Research Plant Pathologist Madison, Wisconsin
Haight, John Biological Science Laboratory Technician Madison, Wisconsin
Lindner, Daniel Research Plant Pathologist Madison, Wisconsin
Lodge, D. Jean Botanist Luquillo, Puerto Rico
Long, Stephanie Biological Lab Tech. Durham, New Hampshire
Minnis, Andrew M. Research Botanist Madison, Wisconsin
Minnis, Andrew M. Research Botanist Madison, WI
Minocha, Rakesh Plant Physiologist / Biochemist Durham, New Hampshire
Moore, Melanie J. Biological Science Technician St. Paul, Minnesota
Murakami, Paula Biological Sciences Lab Technician South Burlington, Vermont
Nakasone, Karen Botanist Madison, Wisconsin
Norton, Kyah Biological Science Laboratory Technician Madison, Wisconsin
Ortiz-Santana, Beatriz Botanist Madison, Wisconsin
Ostry, Michael E. Research Plant Pathologist St. Paul, Minnesota
Palmer, Jonathan Research Botanist Madison, Wisconsin
Pfeiffer, Martin J. Wildlife Biologist Madison, Wisconsin
Rentmeester, Rita Biological Laboratory Technician and Culture Collection Manager Madison, Wisconsin
Schaberg, Paul Research Plant Physiologist Burlington, Vermont
Shortle, Walter Senior Research Plant Pathologist Durham, New Hampshire
Slavicek, Jim Project Leader / Research Biologist Delaware, Ohio
Smith, Kevin T. Supervisory Plant Physiologist Durham, New Hampshire
Venette, Robert C. Research Biologist St. Paul, Minnesota
Weinke, Kathleen L. Secretary St. Paul, Minnesota


Last Modified: 10/01/2012