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Northern Research Station
11 Campus Blvd., Suite 200
Newtown Square, PA 19073
(610) 557-4017
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Center for Research on Ecosystem Change

Map showing the locations of Center for Research on Ecosystem Change


Name Title Location
Nislow, Keith Project Leader / Research Fisheries Biologist Amherst, MA
Bailey, Amey Forestry Tech. North Woodstock, NH
Bailey, Scott Geologist North Woodstock, NH
Brissette, John Project Leader / Research Forester Durham, NH
Campbell, John Research Ecologist Durham, NH
Christie, Shiela Support Services Specialist Grand Rapids, MN
Costello, Christine Wildlife Biologist Bartlett, NH
Dionne, Richard Forester Bradley, ME
Dorrance, Carrie Hydrologic Technician Grand Rapids, MN
Eggert, Sue Research Aquatic Ecologist Grand Rapids, MN
Grant, Nicholas Hydrologist North Woodstock, NH
Green, Mark B. Research Hydrologist Plymouth, NH
Hallett, Richard Research Ecologist Durham, NH
Halm, Ian Forester North Woodstock, NH
Hislop, Jane Phys Science Tech. Durham, NH
Jager, Chance Forestry Aide Grand Rapids, MN
Janelle, Jonathan Forester Durham, NH
Jensen, Heather Biological Scientist Grand Rapids, MN
Kastendick, Douglas Forester Grand Rapids, MN
Kenefic, Laura Research Forester Bradley, ME
Kern, Christel Research Forester Grand Rapids, MN
King, David Research Wildlife Biologist Amherst, MA
Kolka, Randy Team Leader / Research Soil Scientist Grand Rapids, MN
Kragthorpe, Joshua Physical Science Technician Grand Rapids, MN
Kyllander, Richard (Deacon) Hydrologic Technician - Marcell Experimental Forest Grand Rapids, MN
Larson, John T. Chemist Grand Rapids, MN
Leak, William Research Forester Durham, NH
Lerman, Susannah B. Research Ecologist Durham, NH
Mairs, Matsuye Secretary Durham, NH
Merriam, Jeffrey Biological Scientist Durham, NH
Olson, Donna Hydrologic Technician Grand Rapids, MN
Palik, Brian J. Team Leader / Research Ecologist Grand Rapids, MN
Pardo, Linda Environmental Engineer Burlington, VT
Powers, Matthew Research Associate Grand Rapids, MN
Robin-Abbott, Molly Biological Science Technician South Burlington, VT
Rustad, Lindsey Team Leader / Research Ecologist Durham, NH
Sebestyen, Stephen Research Hydrologist Grand Rapids, MN
Sendak, Paul Research Forester, Emeritus Durham, NH
Slater, Mitchell Forestry Technician Grand Rapids, MN
Smith, Robert Computer Program Analyst Durham, NH
Stark, Nicole Chemical Engineer Madison, WI
Taylor-Lupien, Tracey Secretary Durham, NH
Timm, Anne Research Aquatic Ecologist Grand Rapids, MN
Yamasaki, Mariko Team Leader / Research Wildlife Biologist Durham, NH


Staff Emeritus

Name Title Location
Sendak, Paul E. Research Forester, Emeritus Durham, NH


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