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Scott A. Thomasma, Linda Ebel Thomasma, Mark J. Twery,

NEWILD is a computer program that assists in the access and evaluation of the information presented in the Species/Habitat matrices developed by DeGraaf et. al. These matrices can be found in the publications listed below. Some of the text from the publications has been incorporated into the HELP portion of NEWILD. This program was designed to be used in conjunction with the publications.

Note: NEWILD 1 is a 16-bit program that will not run on Windows 7 or later. It does run properly on Windows XP.

The relationship of NEWILD to NED:

image - logo for NED softwareNEWILD is one of a group of computer programs intended to support good forest stewardship. The full set of tools is known collectively as NED, a computer-based, decision-support system being developed by the US Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Northeastern Forest Experiment Station. NED will provide site-specific analyses of management alternatives and expert recommendations to improve management for multiple values on forests in the Northeastern United States. These expert recommendations will be based on the full range of resource values, including wildlife habitat, visual qualities, and watershed and ecological characteristics, as well as traditional timber and economic values. This will be accomplished by incorporating the knowledge of many resource experts into the system, and using that knowledge along with inventory data describing the present state of a forest management unit, to build prescriptions that define a path for managing the forest with silvicultural techniques in a way that should accomplish the user's goals. NEWILD is the result of one of the initial steps being taken to codify expert knowledge about wildlife habitat requirements in the Northeast.

NEWILD is intended for use by a wide range of individuals and organizations, including wildlife biologists, consulting foresters, national and state forestry organizations, forest industries, private organizations and individuals, and educational groups. The design of the program enables the user to gain information about wildlife habitat relationships and to make more informed decisions.

We hope that this program will be used to help identify areas of study for validation of the information contained here. Application of this process to areas outside New England is an important goal for our work, and considerable testing and modification of the content is likely to be necessary to provide reliable information for a wider geographic area.

Documentation and Downloads

Document Format
NEWILD (1.8 mb, Self-extracting zip file) exe
NEWILD (version 1.0) user's manual [Computer program] pdf

Last Modified: 07/14/2015