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NEDLite for Palm OS

Peter D. Knopp and Mark J. Twery

image - logo for NED softwareNEDLite for the Palm OS is software that enables field data collection on handheld computers using the Palm OS, with automatic data transfer into NED for analysis and subsequent prescription development.  You can transfer data to/from the Palm OS handheld without NED software, but you must have NED-1 or a newer version of NED software to analyze the data using NED. 
NEDLite has been in distribution for several years, in various versions.  If you would like to update your NEDLite software, and you already have a version of NEDLite dated before September 1, 2005, then you MUST first remove NEDLite from your computer before upgrading to the latest version of NEDLite.   Otherwise, the update will not function properly.
NEDLite for the Palm is available for download below, or you may request a publication (user's manual) that includes the NEDLite software.  The publication is Gen. Tech. Rep. (GTR) NE-340, "NEDLite User's Manual.  Forest Inventory for Palm OS Handheld Computers."

NEDLite is also avaialble for Windows CE/Mobile handhelds. 

Required Palm OS Handheld Hardware

[image:] Palm device with NEDLite software displayNEDLite will run on most Palm OS handhelds. However, on the most of recent version of the Palm OS Garnet (v5.4.9), such as on the newer Palm TX models, NEDLite does not seem to run properly.  Please be aware of this limitation.  As of March 16, 2006, this problem has been resolved.  Download the setup for NEDLite (below) to resolve this issue.

In May 2007, a new problem was discovered that occurred if you wanted to split up the merchantable portion of a tree into individual logs.  If you attempted to use the virtual keyboard to enter log length, the program would crash.  This problem affected newer handhelds.  As of May 30, 2007, this problem has been resolved. 

The minimum requirements are Palm OS Version 3.5 or newer, equipped with a minimum of 8 MB of memory. Please follow the manufacturer’s instructions for setting up your Palm OS handheld for communication with your desktop PC.

Installation Requirements for NEDLite running on the Palm OS

WARNING – Before installing NEDLite, it is recommended that you install the Palm Desktop software that comes with your Palm OS handheld. Without this software the NEDLite setup will not be complete, and you will not be able to transfer data to/from the Palm OS handheld.

NEDLite will only install on Windows 2000, service pack 3 or later, as well as any version of Windows XP.  The installation and setup of NEDLite requires the Microsoft Windows Installer engine, version 3.0 or newer.  You may already have Windows Installer 3.0 if you have Windows XP service pack 2 or newer.  If you aren't sure which version of the windows installer is present on your computer, you may download a small utility program that will verify the current Windows Installer version for you.

The NEDLite setup includes the update for the Windows Installer.  But you may prefer to install the Windows Installer upgrade first, as a separate step.  If so, download and run the setup for the Windows Installer and then download and run the NEDLite setup.

Documentation and Downloads

Document Format
Setup for Windows Installer - Version 3.0 (2 MB) exe
Setup for NEDLite for Palm OS (7.2 MB) exe


Installation Instructions

  1. Determine whether or not you need to upgrade the Windows Installer on your computer as described in the Installation Requirements above.  
  2. Download and run the Windows Installer setup, if necessary.  You do not have to run this as a separate step, because the NEDLite setup will handle this for you.  If you don't need to upgrade the Windows Installer, or if you want to do everything in a single step, skip to step 3.   You must be logged on as an Administrator to perform the Windows Installer upgrade.  A system reboot is required after the Windows Installer upgrade.  
  3. Download the NEDLite setup, then run it.  The NEDLite setup is called "nedliteinstall.exe".  You do NOT have to be an Administrator to run the NEDLite setup if you already have the proper version of the Windows Installer on your computer.  The NEDLite setup will automatically determine whether or not you need to upgrade the Windows Installer on your machine.  Therefore, if you do not have the minimum Windows Installer version, the NEDLite setup will attempt to upgrade the Windows Installer before proceeding.  In order to complete the Windows Installer upgrade portion of the overall setup, you must start the ned2 setup as an Administrator.  But once the Windows Installer upgrade has completed, after the system reboot you can log in as a normal user to complete the setup.  
  4. Follow the prompts on the NEDLite setup to install NEDLite on your computer. 

Last Modified: 07/14/2015