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Mark J. Twery, Scott A. Thomasma, Deborah J. Bennett, H. Michael Rauscher, Donald E. Nute, Geneho Kim, R. Peter Kollasch

image - logo for NED softwareNED-1 is a Windows program which emphasizes the analysis of forest inventory data from the perspective of the different forest resources. The resources addressed are aesthetics, ecology, forest health, timber, water and wildlife. NED-1 will evaluate to what degree individual stands, or the management unit as a whole, provide the conditions required to accomplish specific goals. An extensive help system**  provides the user with information about the resource goals, the desired conditions which support achieving those goals, and the related data used to analyze the actual condition of the forest.

**The NED-1 help system does not launch properly from NED-1 on modern versions of Windows (post Win 9X).  More information on running the NED-1 help system.

Note: NED-1 is a 16-bit program that will not run on Windows 7 or later. It does run properly on Windows XP. If you have a newer operating system, you must use a more recent version of NED, such as NED-2.

Import and Export NED-1 Data

Users may import data to NED-1 from NED-SIPS, SILVAH, and NEDLite. NED-1 can also export data into formats that are compatible with ArcView, SVS, NED-SIPS, SILVAH, FSPG, NEWILD, and Forest Health.

Shuffle NED-1 Plots

If you need to split NED-1 data into separate files, you can do this with a program called "ShuffleNED1plots.exe".  The program allows you to open an existing NED-1 file, and select the plots you would like to copy into a new NED-1 file.  NOTE:  you cannot copy or insert plots into an existing data set.  When you click "File - Save As", if you specify an existing file, you will be asked if you wish to replace the existing file.

Documentation and Downloads

Document Format
NED 1 (includes NED exchange for importing data) exe
NED 1 Users Manual pdf
NED-1 Field Tally Sheets pdf
Shuffle NED-1 Plots program exe


Downloadable documents are in PDF format. You may obtain a free PDF reader from Adobe.


Last Modified: 07/14/2015