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Alien Forest Pest Explorer
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


System Requirements and tips

You must allow pop-ups on to run AFPE, the site will create pop-up windows to tell you the current active layer and to create a print page.

Using your browser's refresh button reloads the entire ArcIMS site, use the refresh map button on the layer tab to redraw the map layers.

Using your browser's back button will also reload the entire ArcIMS site. If you would like to go back to your last view extent, click the back to previous view button.

ArcIMS works best with Internet Explorer v. 5 or newer and Netscape Navigator v. 6 or newer.

If you are selecting multiple layers, the ArcIMS site will respond faster and more accurately if you deselect the "Auto Refresh" option auto refresh checkbox and click refresh map when you have completed your layer selections.

Frequently Asked Questions

The map will not load. What does this error mean?

error message box

Your browser is too big to load the map. Make your browser smaller by either clicking the "restore down" button at the top right of the screen or by dragging the corner of the window. The map will then refresh and should draw now that your browser is set to a smaller size.

What is the best screen resolution to use with this site?

This site was created at a screen resolution of 1024 x 768. You can change your current screen resolution setting by going to "Start" - "Settings" - "Control Panel" - "Display" - next you'll click on the "Settings" tab and change the "screen area" bar.

Why can't I print this page?

You'll need to allow popups on your page in order for the print page to open.

Why can't I see which layer is active?

You'll need to allow popups on your page to when you change the active layers. You can also see which layer is active by looking at the layers tab and seeing the layer highlighted in olive.

Last Modified: 06/14/2010

About AFPE
Interactive Mapping

[image:] Alien Forest Pest Explorer artwork

Be sure popups are enabled on your browser before you launch the AFPE Online Mapping Application.