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Title: Significance of phytohormones in Siberian larch-bud gall midge interaction

Author: Matrenina, Rida M.

Year: 1991

Publication: In: Baranchikov, Yuri N.; Mattson, William J.; Hain, Fred P.; Payne, Thomas L., eds. Forest Insect Guilds: Patterns of Interaction with Host Trees; 1989 August 13-17; Abakan, Siberia, U.S.S.R. Gen. Tech. Rep. NE-153. Radnor, PA: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Northeastern Forest Experiment Station. 288-290

Abstract: Interrelations of the bud gall midge and the Siberian larch are of scientific and practical interest because of the bud gall midge's role as a plant endoparasite. We know that attack by the gall midge sets off a reaction in the entire plant. Invasion by the insect results in a certain interaction between physiological mechanisms of the insect and the plant which leads to a complex range of interdependent shifts in the metabolism of the tree, the final result depending on the character of those shifts. The reactions of both the plant and the insect are determined both by genetic factors and by environmental conditions.

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