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Title: Estimation of forest structural parameters using 5 and 10 meter SPOT-5 satellite data

Author: Wolter, Peter T.; Townsend, Phillip A.; Sturtevant, Brian R.

Year: 2009

Publication: Remote Sensing of Environment. 113: 2019-2036.

Abstract: Large areas of forest in the US and Canada are affected by insects and disease each year. Over the past century, outbreaks of the Eastern spruce budworm have become more frequent and severe. The notion of designing a more pest resistant landscape through prescriptive management practices hinges on our ability to effectively model forest?insect dynamics at regional scales. Increasingly, more detailed pixel-wise estimates of forest biophysical parameters are needed for such endeavors. Lidar technology, although promising, is not yet viable for repeated regional accounting, necessitating the development of methods which take advantage of existing spaceborne assets. Our objective is to use one of these assets (SPOT-5) to estimate a large set of forest structural attributes at a finer spatial grain size (5 m and 10 m) over a broader area than is currently available for the purpose of supplying needed input data for disturbance simulation modeling. We employ neighborhood statistics (standard deviation, variance, sill variance, and ratios of these metrics at 5 and 10 m) calculated from SPOT-5 sensor data and derivatives to estimate and map tree canopy diameter (CDIA), bole diameter at breast height (DBH), tree height (HT), crown closure (CC), vertical length of live crown (LC), and basal area (BA).

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