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Title: Divergent biogeography of native and introduced soil macroinvertebrates in North America north of Mexico

Author: Lilleskov, Erik A.; Mattson, William J.; Storer, Andrew J.

Year: 2008

Publication: Diversity and Distributions. 14: 893-904.

Abstract: To improve understanding of the biogeographical consequences of species introduction, we examined whether introduced soil macroinvertebrates differ from natives in the relationship between species richness and key environmental predictors, and whether such differences affect the relationship between native and introduced species richness. For North America north of Mexico, we summarized jurisdiction occurrence data for seven macroinvertebrate taxa with strong influences on soil biodiversity or processes. We analysed the relationships of native and introduced species richness to each other using linear regression; to latitude using Gaussian regressions; and, using the residuals of the richness-latitude regressions, to distance from coasts, human population density, and human population size using regression and correlation. We found weak to strong positive relationships between native and introduced species richness. This variation was related to divergent relationships of native and introduced species with latitude, human population density, and distance from coasts.

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