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Title: Interactions of carbon and water cycles in north temperate wetlands: Modeling and observing the impact of a declining water table trend on regional biogeochemistry

Author: Sulman, Benjamin N.; Desai, Ankur R.; Mackay, D.S.; Samanta, S.; Cook, B.D.; Saliendra, N.

Year: 2008

Publication: In: 18th Conference on Atmospheric BioGeosciences; 2008 April 28-May 2; Orlando, FL. American Meteorological Society.

Abstract: Terrestrial carbon fluxes represent a major source of uncertainty in estimates of future atmospheric greenhouse gas accumulation and consequently models of climate change. In the Upper Great Lakes states (Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan), wetlands cover 14% of the land area, and compose up to one third of the land cover in the forest-wetland landscapes that dominate the northern half of the region. The carbon fluxes of wetland ecosystems, and especially their responses to climate forcings, are currently poorly understood. One major source of error in wetland modeling is the lack of mechanisms for wetland biogeochemistry and hydrology.

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