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Title: Spatial characteristics of net methylmercury production hot spots in peatlands

Author: Mitchell, Carl P.J.; Branfireun, Brian A.; Kolka, Randall K.

Year: 2008

Publication: Environmental Science & Technology. 42: 1010-1016.

Abstract: Many wetlands are sources of methylmercury (MeHg) to surface waters, yet little information exists about the distribution of MeHg within wetlands. Total mercury (THg) and MeHg in peat pore waters were studied in four peatlands in spring, summer, and fall 2005. Marked spatial variability in the distribution of MeHg, and %MeHg as a proxy for net MeHg production, was observed, with highest values occurring in discrete zones. We denote these zones "MeHg hot spots", defined as an area where the pore water %MeHg exceeded the 90th percentile of the data set (n=463) or >22% of THg as MeHg. MeHg hot spots occurred near the interface between peatland and the upland watershed with few exceptions.

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