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Title: Seasonal dispersal of the oak wilt fungus by Colopterus truncatus and Carpophilus sayi in Minnesota

Author: Ambourn, Angie K.; Juzwik, Jennifer; Moon, Roger D.

Year: 2005

Publication: Plant Disease. 89(10): 1067-1076.

Abstract: Sap beetles (Nitidulidae) are considered important overland vectors of the oak wilt pathogen, Ceratocystis fagacearum, in the north central United States. Colopterus truncatus and Carpophilus sayi are thought to be the principal sap beetle vectors in Minnesota. Field studies using wind-oriented funnel traps baited with aggregation pheromones of the insects were conducted during 2 years in east central Minnesota. The studies compared temporal flight dynamics of Colopterus truncatus and Carpophilus sayi from April through October, measured the proportion of dispersing adults of each species carrying viable pathogen propagules, and estimated the populations of contaminated dispersing beetles in oak (Quercus spp.) stands with and without oak wilt.

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