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Title: Comparing fire spread algorithms using equivalence testing and neutral landscape models

Author: Miranda, Brian R.; Sturtevant, Brian R.; Yang, Jian; Gustafson, Eric J.

Year: 2009

Publication: Landscape Ecology. 24: 587-598.

Abstract: We demonstrate a method to evaluate the degree to which a meta-model approximates spatial disturbance processes represented by a more detailed model across a range of landscape conditions, using neutral landscapes and equivalence testing. We illustrate this approach by comparing burn patterns produced by a relatively simple fire spread algorithm with those generated by a more detailed fire behavior model from which the simpler algorithm was derived. Equivalence testing allows objective comparisons of the output of simple and complex models, to determine if the results are significantly similar. Neutral landscape models represent a range of landscape conditions that the model may encounter, allowing evaluation of the sensitivity and behavior of the model to different landscape compositions and configurations.

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