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Title: Alien species, agents of global change: ecology and management of the gypsy moth in North America as a case history

Author: Liebhold, Andrew M.

Year: 2003

Publication: In: Kamata, Naota, ed. Proceedings of the International Symposium of the Kanazawa University 21st-Century COE Program Volume 1; Tanaka Shobundo, Kanazawa Japan: 71-75

Abstract: Through out evolutionary history, water and land barriers served to isolate the world's biota into distinct compartments With the advent of greater human mobility and world trade, these barriers are breaking-down and alien species are increasingly being transported into new habitats. Many alien species have had devastating impacts on their environment resulting in huge changes in ecosystem processes and properties. In this paper I provide an overview of the population biology of invasions, highlighting the three principal phases of every invasion: arrival, establishment and spread. Furthermore, I demonstrate that for each invasion phase, there is a corresponding phase of management activities aimed at retarding the invasion. Finally, I illustrate the three invasion phases using the gypsy moth, Lymantria dispar, in North America as a case history.

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